Barrack Obama deserves credit for his endeavor to alleviate the plight of handicapped and impoverished Americans; on the other hand he has proved inept in handling partisanship in Congress and, although a huge improvement over the previous Administration of George W. Bush, he lacks leadership in both domestic and foreign affairs.

I believe that far right extremists and/or the aristocracy of large moneyed corporations are a far greater threat to the constitution and laws of our country and that we must vigorously guard against these groups taking control of the Senate and the House and never allow them to shut down our Government again.

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Smart Canadian born immigrant, up and coming leader of the Tea Party and Presidential prospect of the Republican Party Cruz was elected U.S. Senator from Texas in 2012. A rich, arrogant elitist, well educated by two of America’s finest Educational Institutions, Harvard Law School and Princeton University, yet has little understanding, or consideration for, America’s poor working class that cannot compete with the huge advantages that the  rich receive; Welfare doesn’t even come close…  no working person should ever be forced to live in poverty.

He stands, with the Tea Party, for limited Government; an agenda that would cut Medicare and eliminate some Government Departments. In a Houston Chronicle news article Cruz said:  “We need to eliminate unnecessary and unconstitutional agencies like the Department of Education … the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy, the National Endowment of the Arts. … I would most like to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service.”  

Educators and School Districts are most important in preparing poor unskilled workers for jobs and advancement in the work force and essential for economic equality. 

It is imperative that greater emphasis be placed on the Department of Education; not eliminate it.  Bill Gates claims “Education would be the top issue since it is key to individual opportunity and to the country as a whole and we are not doing as well as other countries”.

When most people think of Ted Cruz, they remember that he orchestrated the devastating Government shut down in October of 2013 and the loss of our highly respected AAA Credit rating at a very high cost to tax payers simply because he couldn’t get his own way.

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For better or for worse, the President of the United States is everyone’s President… and as citizens we have an obligation to support the office of the President, the integrity of our Government and show some respect for the person that won the election by an overwhelming majority of electoral and majority votes.

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The Tea Party is a loosely organized American political group of Christians and far right wing conservatives determined to reduce the national debt and budget deficit, cut government spending and lower taxes.  These ideologues’ are on a mission to replace old established Republican Politicians Continue reading

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The National Rifle Association’s cavalier attitude regarding the type, size and proliferation of guns in America and their adamant denial that tighter government regulations would reduce gun violence is at odds with reality and how the majority of Americans think Continue reading

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