The league of WordPress Bloggers is impressive.  From all walks of life in just about every Country on the Planet they create, fantasize, volunteer, donate, assist and share their efforts to entertain, educate, compare and tell stories that bind them together in the addictive world of writing.  Regardless of talent, intellect or writing skills, from the United States of North America or Zimbabwe of Southern Africa they march to the beat of WordPress to be recognized as an important entity of human nature.  They assemble words in a most unusual manner to express an opinion, advance a cause, document an experiment or share ideas and experiences, to romanticize and entertain across all languages and ethnic boundaries beyond belief.

I am awestruck by their exhaustive endeavor, going without sleep, wearing out dictionaries, borrowing words and ideas from fellow members and whether original or borrowed they march on with their poems and storytelling with aplomb, pride and self gratification of accomplishment.

The result of all of this is the recognition of the divergent assembly and meaning of words by different cultures that units and equalizes all men and women regardless of status, intellect, ethnicity, creed, color or wealth that melds us all together like no other and it is fascinating.

I am overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of so many that have found this medium of self endeavor and freedom of expression in an unsuspecting and unusual way to be recognized as an independent identity on planet earth.


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Doing what one man can do to improve government.
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  1. This seemed an appropriate post to thank you for your recent comments on mine and to apologise that I wasn’t following you. I thought I was, as I usually follow most people who make more than one comment on mine and you fit into that category. I wondered why you hadn’t appeared on my reader! There is a wealth of good blogging out there, some good, some bad, some indifferent. Finding the good ones that inform us, entertain us or whatever is the most difficult part.

    I follow a range of different blogs, very very varying. Different subject matter, different countries, different sexuality, different politics. I don’t follow extreme blogs eg racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic etc. It could be said that my views are extreme, but I don’t propose penalising someone for doing something I don’t agree with, I think that’s the real difference. Anyway, I’m signed up to follow now for when you post and again, apologies for that lapse.


    • Tex Arty says:

      Thank you very much for visiting, for adding to my treasured trove of comments and for following. You made my day. I am a following fan of your writing talent and like the content of your posts.
      Take care

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