Barrack Obama deserves credit for his endeavor to alleviate the plight of handicapped and impoverished Americans; on the other hand he has proved inept in handling partisanship in Congress and, although a huge improvement over the previous Administration of George W. Bush, he lacks leadership in both domestic and foreign affairs.

I believe that far right extremists and/or the aristocracy of large moneyed corporations are a far greater threat to the constitution and laws of our country and that we must vigorously guard against these groups taking control of the Senate and the House and never allow them to shut down our Government again.

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Doing what one man can do to improve government.
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  1. alangent says:

    We watched a film last night called Parkland. It explores the Kennedy assassination from the perspectives of various families, which were impacted by the shooting. As a Texan, do you have a view on the conspiracy theory? Is it something Texans still dwell on in anyway? A future post?

  2. alangent says:

    Nice to see you back. It has been so long without a post I began to wonder if, well, if everything was OK?

  3. A bit like you comment on my blog about writing, I can’t even pretend to understand your constitution or legislation. The concept of shutting down a government is just whacky. Don’t these people have responsibilities? Seriously, American politics just leaves me stunned. And the bigger issue is, which I’m not sure everyone understands, is that it impacts on the rest of the world.

    • Tex Arty says:

      Thank you so much for dropping by. Far too many people place Political Party values above Country values and as you indicated they have too little concern for the effect their words and actions may have on other peoples of our planet.

  4. DyingNote says:

    Welcome back, sir!

    • Tex Arty says:

      Thank you, I am doing much better lately. Read your blog “An endless Swansong” and realize your deep appreciation for music and ability to enlighten fans with your really expert reviews.

      • DyingNote says:

        You are very, very kind. Thank you.

        I’m very glad to know that you’re doing alright. I look forward to reading your posts once again.

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